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The Magic of Astrology

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Wondering who you really are? Get to know yourself better-and unlock the secrets of your friends and family-
through the magic of astrology.

Are you spontaneous and impulsive, or do you like to look before you leap? Are you constantly full to the brim with big ideas, or do you prefer to tackle your goals and dreams one at a time? Your astrological sign can help you figure out the things that make you tick and reveal your inner strengths and challenges, from who you are as a friend to the places your soul feels most at home.

Organized by zodiac sign, each chapter covers everything you need to know about how astrology relates to you, from basic personality traits to travel, style, health and wellness, and more. With beautiful illustrations, helpful charts, and in-depth details about every sign’s classic and lesser-known characteristics, “The Magic of Astrology” is the perfect guide to understanding yourself and the
world around you.

A Scorpio who lives in New York, Jessica Allen has written for the Boston Globe, CNN, the Independent, McSweeney’s, Mental Floss, The Onion’s A.V. Club, the Washington Post, Writer’s Digest, and many other publications. She’s married to a Virgo, and together they’re raising a Taurus.
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