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Oyun Services

Check out Oyun’s offerings below

Basic Energy Clearing


for 30 minutes

  • Herbal Smudging, sound therapy, and aromatherapy are used to cleanse and stabilize the energy of the chakras.

  • Leave feeling a sense of clear, peaceful, and empowered.

Full Chakra Energy Clearing



for 1 hour

Focused and intentional breath work is used to stimulate and stabilize the chakras, clearing energetic blockages causing barriers in your life. Smudging, breath work, gemstones, aromatherapy, sound, and music therapy is also used to support the clearing of the flow of energy to the chakras.

Grounding & Meditation Session with Queen Yenn


for 1 hour

Start with a clearing and grounding in the garden and conclude with a refreshing and rejuvenating meditation with/ Queen Yenn in the beautiful prayer and meditation room.

Oracle Card Reading


for 1 hour


  • Can help you find clarity alleviating anxiety
  • Provides divine guidance specific to your journey
  • Attunes you to your intuition and deeper knowing
  • Provides insight into the greater sense of what is going on

Natal (Birth) Chart Unpacking Session


for 1 hour

Astrology can provide razor sharp insight into the human condition in the most instant, on-target way. An analysis of your natal chart, can provide deep insight into your personality, motivations, and desires

Using the FREE TimePassages app or to retrieve your chart, we will explore your Natal Chart and begin to use the information gained to develop a personal development plan that will help you to find peace and align with your purpose.

Private Shopping Experience with Queen Yenn


for 1 hour

With this experience you can expect:

  • A basic energy clearing
  • Chat with Queen Yenn about what you are looking for (i.e. goals, concerns, desires, etc.)
  • Personalized shopping with Queen Yenn to pick out the items that would be best to support your needs/desires

$50 of your payment goes toward your purchase

Educational Consultation (one 1hr session)


for 1 hour

Receive consultation regarding the academic success and well being of your child/children. Discuss concerns that you may have, your and their desires and a plan of action. Please select a time and date that is best for you.

*Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

The Reset Bundle (3 for 1)


for 1 hour 30 min

This is a 1.5-hour session that will include a basic energy clearing, a 3-card pull oracle reading, and solution-based coaching/counseling. This is an in-person session. If virtual is needed, please use the link that is included in the confirmation email.


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