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About Oyun Ministries

Oyun Ministries provides an intentionally curated online space for individuals ready to transcend the limitations of thought and perceived “reality”, to experience a more peaceful and fruitful life. All classes, products, and services are offered for the sake of the renewing of the mind, body, and soul.

Our Mission

To help individuals transcend perceived limitations and truly live through spiritual knowledge and empowerment.

Our Vision

To continue impact lives by encouraging individuals to raise their vibrations through an increase in consciousness.

Yennenga Adanya

Oyun Ministries Founder

Yennenga Adanya, popularly known as Queen Yenn, is a master teacher appreciated for her keen way of relating to her audience in a down-to-earth, insightful, and passionate way. Inspired by her own personal journey, she consistently testifies of the liberation in understanding the “Reality of God”, and the great benefits in primarily focusing on aligning with your Highest Self.

“Let your alignment with your highest self be your focus and everything that arrives in your experience will be a reflection of it.”

– Yennenga Adanya 
Queen Yenn has studied and continues her studies in Metaphysics and Astrotheology. Her teachings are laced with her personal accounts of healing and expansion attributed to the application of key foundational principles and have been described as “a sacred marriage between spirit and soul work”.

Along with her experience as a spiritual wellness teacher and coach, and energy reader and healer, she is also a Master’s level certified educator, and is certified as a Meditation Instructor. When she is not occupied by the call of duty the ministry brings, you can find her hanging out in nature with a good book or journal, or busy being a mother and thriving entrepreneur.


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