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About Queen Yenn

Meet the Founder

Yennenga Adanya “Queen Yenn”

 Yennenga Adanya, also known as Queen Yenn, is a personal wellness coach, certified meditation instructor, reiki practitioner, and founder of Oyun Ministries & Marketplace. Since 2015, Oyun Ministries’ offerings have helped hundreds of individuals experience total life transformation. Queen Yenn’s teachings are reinforced by personal accounts of healing and evolution attributed to the application of key foundational principles for well-being .

Queen Yenn is the also the owner/operator of Oyun Botanical Gardens in East Point, GA. The garden provides eco-therapeutic experiences that support holistic well-being for children, adults, and seniors in East Point and neighboring communities. Along with ornamental plants, the garden also includes organic produce, herbs, and fruit trees.

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