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You are not here to cope. You are not here to survive. You are here to bear witness to and shine in and as the glory of The Creator. ~Mooji.

Meet Our Founder

Yennenga Adanya, also known as Queen Yenn, is an entrepreneur, Master’s level educator, life coach, and certified meditation instructor. Since 2015, Yenn’s personal coaching practice and holistic wellness classes have helped hundreds of individuals experience total life transformation. Her teachings are reinforced by personal accounts of healing and evolution attributed to the application of key foundational principles. Clients attest to her undeniable passion for spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being, and the power of her insightful and affirming teachings. Read More.


About Oyun Ministries

Oyun Ministries is a personal growth and development organization that provide classes, meditations, events, memberships, products, and services that help individuals to establish a lifestyle of total well-being. Learn how to take care of your mind and body, release toxic emotions, and finally figure out and live in your purpose.


Thrive: Queen Yenn’s Transformational Circle

$60 Monthly Subscription
What you will get:
Live Weekly Session with Queen Yenn
Areas of Focus

  • Metaphysical Bible Studies
  • Spiritual Development
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Wellness Development

Access to the Thrive chat room where daily inspiration & check-ins
Monthly virtual “Shut-ins”
Invite to seasonal retreats
Discount on products and services



The Gardens

Oyun Botanical Gardens provide:

  • Beautiful retreat space for rest and restoration
  • Opportunities for the community to learn and volunteer in the garden
  • Fresh natural and organic food for the community
  • Indoor and outdoor wellness classes, retreats and social events
  • Beautiful spaces for private events


Help us Secure Ownership of the Garden

I am on a journey to ownership of Oyun Botanical Gardens, a beautiful natural and organic, eco-therapeutic garden located in East Point Ga. This garden has been a staple in the community for over 20 years now, originally established and operated as a non-profit organization (Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture) that helped to establish deep roots for urban agriculture in the Metro Atlanta area. It has been a hub for natural and organic food, gardening classes and camps, horticulture therapy programming, garden tours, farm to table events, and more for the community throughout the last 20 years.

In 2022 the property was placed on the market and was almost sold. The City of East Point jumped in and helped me to find someone willing to temporarily invest in this mission, resulting in the CEO of Arden’s Garden, a fellow East Point business, jumping in to help keep it from being sold to anyone else. Ultimately this unfolded as a Lease to Purchase agreement that is providing me the time to gather the resources to make the purchase, and that is my goal, to purchase the property out right!

No debt, no risk of loss ever again!


Upcoming Events

Visit our Events Calendar page to keep up with all of our events, classes, and meditations.

What Clients Are Saying


Sunday Fellowship

Visit our Sunday Fellowship page every Sunday for informative and motivational talks and meditations with Queen Yenn. Also, discover videos from past Sundays.


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