Oyun Marketplace provides products that help to sustain spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness. All products are either directly from nature or created with natural ingredients. Holistic wellness is essential in living a peaceful and fruitful life.

Spiritual Baths

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Spiritual Baths are lovely herbal and essential oils combination that invokes intentions of Love, Healing, Intuition, Purification, Protection, Strength, Success, and Manifestation. They are good for detoxing emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. All baths are made with natural organic herbs and essentials oils.

Spiritual baths are healing especially if utilized with breathing techniques, positive affirmation, creative visualization, color light energy or sound vibration meditation.

Instructions: take your regular bath before you do this bath. You should always cleanse yourself before you indulge in a spiritual bath. Pour the contents of the bags out into the tub and allow to steep or you can place the entire bag in the tub and allow it to steep. Speak your intentions of love, peace, prosperity, etc. Visualize the actualization of your intentions. Enjoy this as long as you desire.
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